Q3 2019

Supernova. My second project and really my first attempt at something great. I've sank alot of time into supernova - and with my knowledge gained from Geoshield, I think it's turned out great. At the time of writing - I haven't officially released Supernova yet (the release date is not precise yet but will be in Q3 2019) but in it's current stage of development it's looking fun and full of promise. The game is about a Spaceship escaping a Supernova while adventuring through varied environments and dodging different obstacles. There is a tech system where you can customize your ship, and a Ship Editor so you can give it your personal touch. Also, there is an in-game background story and easter-eggs. Plenty of easter-eggs. I sincerely love this game and can't wait for it to be released soon this year.


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