February 16th, 2019

Oh boy, what do I say about this one? Geoshield was my first official game released and while it resulted in a bit of a financial flop - it did mark my first small step into the world of game development and marketing. Making this game taught me more than any C# or Game Dev course I ever took. It was my first real step into the latter stages of Game Development and showed me the vast and treacherous realm of the Play Store, Google Ads, and Unity Operate - among other things. Alas, even though the game is a simple and relatively bad game from an outside perspective - without it I wouldn't have been able to progress enough to create my future projects which I work on today. The gameplay is simple - match falling shapes to not die. You can buy skins with in-game currency collected from living a long-time and their are daily challenges to complete with special rewards. This game is currently android exclusive and is on the Play Store for free.


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